Toni's pictures: Kuvia Elinan väitöstilaisuudesta ja karonkasta

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Elina giving lectio precursoria

The opponent Christiaan Both

Christiaan drawing a graph

Elina consentrating on the question

The kustos Erkki Haukioja

Erkki and Elina

Christiaan and Erkki

Christiaan drawing another graph

Christiaan recommends the acceptance of Elina's thesis

Elina asks if anyone has anything to comment

Elina hugging Terttu

Elina hugging Teemu

Glasses of cava

Sonja, Peter, Elina K and Pälvi at karonkka

Toni L, Christiaan, Elina, Erkki and Tero

Inkeri taking pictures

Elina gives Christiaan a present

Elina gives Christiaan another present

Elina gives Erkki a present


Elina gives Tero a present

Elina gives Toni L a present

Elina gives Leena a present

Funny moment with all the presents

Erkki's talk

Tero gives Elina a present

Toni L talks

Toni L gives Elina a present

Suvi and Päivi give the present from the Section of Ecology

Dad talks

Tuomas gives Elina a present

Elina with tea, cognac and irish coffee cake

Dad and Vesa

Mom and Kaisa

Asko and Tuomas

Pia, Petteri and Hanne

Pia and Petteri

Elina talks with Elina K and Peter

Peter and two Elinas

Suvi gives Salla and Pekka the drinks for the beer quiz

Beer quiz

Chiara, Katrine and Annette during the beer quiz

Petteri, Christiaan, Tuomas, Pia and Toni L during the beer quiz

Heidi and Inkeri doing a plasticine herbivore

Fiia and Samuli doing a plasticine herbivore

Christiaan doing a plasticine herbivore

Päivi, Toni L, Suvi, Elina and Inkeri choosing the best plasticine herbivore

Tea gives Elina the crown

Elina with the crown

The crown

Elina and presents

Inkeri, Pauliina and Elina chatting

Emilia and Elina chatting


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