Toni's pictures: Photographs of Iceland in August 2004

In August 2004 Iceland probably had it's best weather ever. And I was there.

I was on a two-week trip, and visited the following locations (in chronological order). I traveled by bus on the coastal ring road starting from Reykjavik and going counter-clockwise.

  • 16.8. Bus trip from Keflavik Airport to Hafnarfjordur, via the Blue Lagoon.
  • 16.-18.8. Reykjavik/Hafnarfjördur
  • 18.-19.8. Vik
  • 19.-22.8. Skaftafell
  • 22.-23.8. Hofn
  • 23.-25.8. Myvatn
  • 25.-29.8. Akureyri
  • 29.-30.8. Back in Reykjavik / Hafnarfjördur
The photographs on this site are arranged according to location. There is also a "best-of" collection for those who just want to see the juicy parts, fast.

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[Some pics on our way from Vik to Skaftafell.]
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[147 pictures][3213 days old]

[A lava sand beach and other things you didn't expect in Iceland]
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[Mostly images of the Skogafoss waterfall, which was on our way from Reykjavik to Vik.]
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[4 pictures][3213 days old]

[Images of the Blue Lagoon thermal bath facility.]
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