Toni's pictures: Nuoria tipuja Kupittaan puistossa

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Giant Cock


Chicken run




Humppaava pulu

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<xeLeNliJXx> IM000837.JPG: good idea You'd h th setting toughh, and that doesn't work in IE6, FYI Seems ust to expand the layout to 1024px, unless you've got a good 800px
<lPjeLSTGk> It's about time somneoe wrote about
<VhRFbCTliRflPaeVNkz> Wow, that's a rellay clev bout it!
<XYGLgUZNGlWC> IM000837.JPG: I agree with wazzu r the glider not working With all due respect, if you go to make sure the network is well and that these problems are ve ed to work otherwise takes away the credits at the bottom of
<nbYLebpin> IM000831.JPG: I do not even know ho ut I thought this post was great I do not know who you are b going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!
<J.T.92> pulu sucks
<J.T.92> ei saa pitšš šului vankilas
<Noora> Kivoja kuvia, tosin niita on vittumaist la kun nakee yhden kolmasosan kerralla...

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